Lodhi Road: From the Lodhi Dynasty to the Design Dynasty


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There are some places in Delhi where without any conscious effort you would just breathe more – both literally or figuratively – for, yes, the greens are in plenty but there is also this inviting colloquial charm steeped in history. This walk is from the dynamism of the past stored forever in the remains to the dynamism of the present times, which has turned a local market into a designer dynasty. The place, which connects these contrasts, is that which epitomises the cultural composite of Delhi, of India – Indian Habitat Centre.

What we will cover in the walk: –

  • Lunch at Alliance Francaise de Delhi canteen
  • A pretty part of the Lodhi Gardens
  • Indian Habitat Centre
  • Orange Juice by Ajmer Ali
  • Designer everything at Meherchand Market
  • French café – Chez Nini

Exotic appeal – we add a French tadka to our Desi selves at the beginning and at the end of the walk – during too, if someone is willing to get takeaway ‘french fries’ (best exemplifies the Indian understanding of French cuisine)

Walk Details: 

We will first get together at sunny environs of the canteen of Alliance Francaise de Delhi. Here, you will register yourself for the walk and also make sure that your mind registers you are full, your stomach I mean. The canteen at Alliance Francaise is not as French as one would expect, but it does have some select French dishes on the menu. On popular demand, they have representation of almost everything that the continental side of an Indian palate craves for – cheesy pizzas, Indian Chinese – (as they say), sandwiches, pastas, salads are some of the things they offer. Take your pick and fuel yourself up for the Lodhi Gardens .

We will enter the Lodhi Gardens through the K.K Birla Marg gate and will cover only a pretty part of the pretty green gardens lined by an extravagance of flowers and a little too visible Bada Gumbad and the Sheesh Mahal. As the colourful flowers and the colourful dustbins (equally or more) bring cheer to you, we have plans to add some musical cheer too over masala chai.

We will then walk through the garden pathways and go to Lodhi Road – peek into the Lodhi restaurant, India Islamic Cultural Centre, Chinmaya Centre – cross the road, enter Indian Habitat Centre through Gate.No 2 – get surprised by what the Visual Arts Gallery and the Open Palms Court have to offer – take a little longer peek at the All American Diner and it’s All American Red – then Exit from Gate No.3 to have Ajmer Ali’s orange juice.

With an orangish tingle we will head to the Meherchand market – we will walk you a little bit through its dynamism and the narrow lane contrasts. Give you some time to shop around with recommendations [after Shahpur Jat walk, you know you like what we have to say] after covering some interesting stores, CMYK bookshop, Play Clan, Crazy Daisy, Oh Layla, Navya etc. The non-vegetarians shall halt at GI and indulge in some kebabs and then all of us will head to Chez Nini – this is where we will culminate the walk.

We envisage a surreal setting at Chez Nini already – the lovely lit up environs, yes, the delectable food on offer, yes, the café aroma, yes – cakes, and cupcakes and breads, yes – elegant yet quirky décor, yes…but most importantly – you all – you all bonding over their signature dish ‘Poutine’ – and of you all talking about the most amazing afternoon you would have just spent.

Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh(Yellow line)/Khan Market(Violet Line)
Total Duration – 4 hours

Connect with us to sign up for the Walk by sending an email to

  •  Solo artyWALKer – INR 2500
  • 2-4 artyWALKers – INR 2000 pax
  • 4-7 artyWALKers – INR 1500 pax
  • 7 or more artyWALKers – INR 1200 pax

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