7 ways to add festive colours in your living space

1. Cushion Covers
A fusion cover was once a blank canvas, it is art now. It will add a generous dose of colour and is also much needed for the support it provides.
Source: Couponchilli
2. Table Cover/Runner
Go for a silk/brocade table cover. It is bound to add life to your space. It is like a colour block – it will define. And you do not have to restrict yourself to tables, be creative.
Source: Pinterest
3. Lanterns
Yes, Diwali is about lights, but it is also about the colours that are accentuated by the lights. This is the perfect and granted opportunity to light up your space with colours,with lanterns. Go dramatic!
Source: Pinterest
4. Candles
Embellished with lights; gleam in the the colours that inspire you. T-lights are ideal for experimentation with various T-light holders. There are several tucked away somewhere in your house. Get innovative. Art your light and flaunt your art.
Source: Houzify
5. Rangoli
Not that easy, not that hard either. There are so many types, pick the one that is most appropriate for your space. The best part about a Rangoli is your involvement in the whole process, it is mediative. Try it, ‘peace’.
Source: Letscreatecrafts
6. Flowers
There is neither more beautiful, nor more easy way to literately add life and to add colours and diversity and versatility. Flower away with grace.
Source: Aalayam.blogspot
7. Golden
Anything golden is default festive, it is celebratory. Add gold to your spaces in whatever way you can; or sprinkle away some gold dust if you must. Sparkles!
Source: Pinterest

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