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December Theme: Comic Creations


Comic creation is serious art; one of the most overlooked forms of art in fact.
A comic book gives more than a peek into the imagined world that the author wants to create. We all love stories but the verbal medium is not the preferred form for everyone, as we are turning more visual, comic books and graphic novels are the answer. It engages more than one sense in a very dramatic manner. The characters are visually defined and stated at the outset and then the story flows; in a way this gives the author more control over how their work is read. This visual freezing of the characters creates scope for a strong connection to be formed between the readers – how one person saw spider-man in a comics in not different from what the other saw – as it is seen, not imagined – unlike a fictional character in a novel. This connection is what brings together comic book fans with a whole lot of enthusiasm and passion for this shared imagination – and that we will witness at the Comic Con Delhi 2016 this December.

Our Artist of the Month is Kaveri Gopalakhrishnan – Visit to know more about her.  

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