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Tritha’s Musical Electicism


1. When you start singing? When did come conscious about how melodious it is? 

I started singing at the age of five. Apparently i used to sing more than speak in my childhood days. My parents put me into classical training when they observed this. I always felt good whenever I sang and hence i kept singing.

2. Do you find singing empowering? How does it make you feel? What is it to you? 
Yes, I found singing empowering. It gave me confidence and made me feel beautiful. Now it has become a way of life and a lifestyle as well.

3. At what point did you decide to make it a profession? 

At 17, I had won the National levels of Close-up Antakshari at Zee Tv where i won the 2 lakhs jackpot question. This made me feel, I could also make it a profession. I already started getting enquiries to sing in some private parties and corporate shows during my college days. Post my college, when i was offered a job, I realized I was earning much more singing. So i decided to put my efforts and intentions into making singing my profession.
4. Do you also write the lyrics or compose music for your songs?
Learning Indian classical music in 3 different gharanas, I now include this repertoire in my fusion work of music. Being a contemporary artist with a social consciousness, I decided to write my expressions of my journey from being a traditional girl to a free thinking woman in today’s India which came out as my song and album”PaGLi”. I also compose for myself and with other people in my various projects. In my indo-french band Tritha Electric, I write the lyrics and co-write the music with my co-musicians Mathias Durand and Paul Schneiter from Paris. In my collective SPACE, I co-write and co-compose with my friend and partner in music activism, Ritika Singh.
5. How connected to you feel to India? What inspires you more – Indian roots or international exposure or both? 
I feel connected to India in all the beautiful ways possible. Through music, through cuisines, through the different geographies from villages to seas and mountains. All this comes through my music and becomes a source of inspiration. My indian roots are strong and give me a lot of branches with fruits and flowers and help me reach out to the world and absorb the right elements and inspiration when I am exposed out of India. France and Europe has given me a lot of love and a platform to showcase my talent and music. And recently America as well, being part of Onebeat, a one month musical program by the US State Department for a a musical social incubatorship tour and residency.
6. Do you experiment with your singing? What kind of experiments are these? 
Yes, I experiment with my singing using different styles and inspirations that I pick up inspired by my environment – whether natural or urban. So i might sometimes express birdsounds or create wind and ocean sounds and sometimes produce cacophony with my noise machines mixed with my voice as a sound artist replicating arguments of the road or television cliched dialogues. And then if it goes too farm i go back into doing my riyaaz of my raagas.
7. Do you thrive on the energy of singing live or you prefer recording in a studio? 
I love the energy of singing live whether its for a quiet intimate evening. Or whether its for thousands of people in music festivals. The energy of the audience also plays a big part. When i sing in my more classical and peaceful “Tritha & Martin”project, people are almost still and meditating. And in a rock concert with Tritha Electric, we are buzzing with the energy of the youth. SPACE, my woman collective has the energy of the feminine. Of late, I have realized the importance of documenting my work as also a fact which has been born and living its own life.  I have a couple of live concert albums and my studio album”PaGLI” which can be found on my website SPACE, has the objective of releasing music videos highlighting various issues that the modern Indian women are facing through the audio-visual medium.
8. Do you have any upcoming projects? 

I am in the process of many albums these days. The album with my band Tritha Electric is almost ready and will have its release in Spring 2017. it is dedicated to the environment and the importance of a consciouness to preserve.
My 1st album with a wonderful kind-hearted French musician, Martin Dubois, living in the woods of France is also ready to be released. It will be called Elements d’existence and deals with the energy of the 5 elements – Earth,Fire, Air, Water and Ether.
Space had released its 1st music video, last year called Kali’s Forest expressing the issue of domestic violence on women. is releasing its next music video in February called “Zindagi Bitani” based on the issue of forced arranged marriage in India.
9. Are you also keen on other forms of art? How do you ‘Live Your Art’? 
I love to dance. I have recently started painting. Its an art I want to explore and spend more time. I also want to write some books someday mainly about my crazy and interesting musical life I have had so far as an independent indian woman artist travelling across the world.



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