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Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.  – Ansel Adams

Photography is an art that freezes in time moments that you want to  :-

cherish forever;

record as a keepsake;

reflect on;

boast about;

and moments that left you spellbound and also those that humbled you.

We capture these and can also turn it into a story.


We know that there is a little something that you want to say with those captures – sweet endearments or spontaneous slangs – the story is yours – we re-create it for you to re-visit when you want. Treasure it.

You can book: –

An Individual Portfolio Shoot

A Family Shoot

Or a Photo Shoot with customized theme

Travel Captures (‘get innovative’)

If you are tired of asking random strangers to capture your best moments at your dream destination(s) resulting in unflattering pictures. Consider this. A personal travel photographer:-

For you know that,

a selfie stick cannot do justice to you and to the view together.

weddings are not the only ‘preserve for life worthy’ moments.

that one person in the family who is decent at clicking pictures is left out of group pictures.

insta filters cannot fix all pictures.


When just words or just pictures are not enough, a photo essay comes to rescue – it blends the visual and the verbal medium together to create an effective communication tool. Whether it is an introduction, a concept, a new idea, process steps, or glimpses of an event;  a photo-essay ensures that it reaches the target audience in a manner that best communicates your intent without seeming verbose.

let us ‘tell you tale’ through captures