All of us together form the artyKUNBA and ‘KUNBA’ here refers to a family.
We work together as non-hierarchical, close-knit unit with constant care and support for each member.
Jessica Singh

Aesthete at heart; Artist at being

She feels that it is impossible to compartmentalise what she does in one word/phrase and lives life with a wonder that is oddly inspiring. An Oxford graduate, a social worker by profession, she specialises in Gender.
Along and apart from that, she is a passionate tell-a-tale photographer, she lives the books she reads, choreographs and/or sings almost every song she hears, she has intermittent spurts of writing poetry/prose, she longs to traverse in unexplored land and never loses an opportunity to get lost in her own world.

A little too versatile for most people to understand at first, but one melts into that understanding with her soft toned yet passionate, starry-eyed description of her life which she believes is profoundly wondrous. She is not the kind of person you can categorize as a kind of person; she is whimsical, weird and secretly wild. Bold black coffee, cocktails, and wines aid a lot in keeping her world wondrous to which she consciously surrenders.
Neena Singh

She professes all things contemplative, colourful, yogic, and organic. She paints, she sings, she reads, she travels, she cooks, she writes and all so beautifully. She lives with an inspiring spontaneity and playfulness that does not always give away the deep-set maturity of extremely rich lived experiences. She does not possess the wisdom that she has; she keeps it ready to impart it to everyone, all the time. Her life is defined by her adorable family and an ever-growing circle of beautiful others whose love and admiration surrounds her, virtually and otherwise.

Ideation – Jessica Singh, Neena Singh, Reena Merin Cherian, Anantya Singh

Photography – Girish Jain, Jessica Singh, Reena Merin Cherian, Neena Singh, Vibhor Gupta

Content – Jessica Singh, Anantya Singh, Reena Merin Cherian, Abhimanyu Mahendru, Neena Singh, Farhat Salim

Graphic Design – Girish Jain

Digital Marketing – Abhimanyu Mahendru, Jessica Singh

Administration and Accounts – Kuldeep Singh, Jessica Singh