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Art exists and manifests itself in several ways; it is a medium of communicating subtle, complex and string emotions. artySORTS is creating a taffeta to facilitate such free flow of such emotions and experiences.

Any art form that you truly connect with can transform you, your life.
⦁ Within verbal arts – you can word, you can play, you can wordplay
⦁ Within visual arts – you can dwell in the details, the colors, the form, the textures, the smells, the strokes, and the sway of your hand and of your heart.
⦁ Within performance arts – you can be, you can live, and you can breathe the art you are performing.
Within ART, you can start to realize and believe in our own potential to crown the artist in you and even turn entrepreneurial about it, if you so prefer.
artySCOPE offers curated opportunities to experience art through sessions/workshops/talks

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