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December Theme: Comic Creations

  Comic creation is serious art; one of the most overlooked forms of art in fact. A comic book gives more than a peek into the imagined world that the author wants to create. We all love stories but the verbal medium is not the preferred form for everyone, as we are turning more visual,… Continue reading December Theme: Comic Creations

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Trippy Sama

Artist Of The Month – September Few musicians came together in New Delhi (IND), on the basis of sharing classical music knowledge, from different countries and musical backgrounds.They started with a fundamental idea of merging NAD (vibrations). They believe in the cosmic connection amongst themselves and every ear in the world, aiming at natural healing… Continue reading Trippy Sama

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Spaces that inspire creativity

  It is said that creativity is something that lies within, it is the inspiration that is elsewhere, outside of you. An artist is essentially a seeker of this inspiration, that could be anywhere and can present itself in any form. However there are these spaces in Delhi, that are so steeped in art that… Continue reading Spaces that inspire creativity


Out of the Box – Between the Lines

  An artySCOPE ( workshop on DADA inspired creative rebellion in contemporary business models Try the DADA way; it will pay! Creative Rebellion in business refers to a madness that is sane when it needs to be; where rebellion and madness are the essential ingredients for a creation! In this workshop we will: – •… Continue reading Out of the Box – Between the Lines


‘Make the Colors Tell-a-Tale’

  artySORTS & Asian Paints COLOROTHON Photography Competition artySORTS believes in the vividness of photography to inspire hope and possibilities of celebrating life. This competition is being introduced to emphasize the pertinent role of visual storytelling as a vehicle capture what is and thereby impact what needs to be. Our Event COLOROTHON ‘Draw Your Imagination’… Continue reading ‘Make the Colors Tell-a-Tale’