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Spaces that inspire creativity

  It is said that creativity is something that lies within, it is the inspiration that is elsewhere, outside of you. An artist is essentially a seeker of this inspiration, that could be anywhere and can present itself in any form. However there are these spaces in Delhi, that are so steeped in art that… Continue reading Spaces that inspire creativity


Paharganj: Constant Chaotic Charms of Central Delhi

  Think of Culture, Colour, Crumbling buildings, Clothes, Chandi, Churris, Chappal, or (I dare say) Cannabis (on the T-shirts I meant) 😉 – Think of Paharganj  It’s a place where one could imagine an old man with a crooked back and long white beard narrating a story about how it was then and how it is… Continue reading Paharganj: Constant Chaotic Charms of Central Delhi


Lodhi Road: From the Lodhi Dynasty to the Design Dynasty

  There are some places in Delhi where without any conscious effort you would just breathe more – both literally or figuratively – for, yes, the greens are in plenty but there is also this inviting colloquial charm steeped in history. This walk is from the dynamism of the past stored forever in the remains… Continue reading Lodhi Road: From the Lodhi Dynasty to the Design Dynasty

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Shahpur Jat: The’Other’ village

Delhi has this incredible capacity to house spaces that are far from the usual image of the city and the implied chaos. Shahpur Jat is one of those nooks, which defy what the city usually stands for. Located amidst the ruins of Siri, the second city of Delhi (14th century), Shahpur Jat village is on… Continue reading Shahpur Jat: The’Other’ village

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Artistically Aligned Alternative Alcove

  We closed the last season with HKV and now we will open this season with HKV walk – it was wonderful; and we have been missing these walks a little too much since. There is a lot which is different this time – Delhi is dynamic; so is HKV and so are we. We… Continue reading Artistically Aligned Alternative Alcove


Eclectic offshoot of Connaught Place: Baba Kharag Singh Marg

Why Baba Kharag Singh Marg? In the heart of Delhi there is this one kilometer, Baba Kharag Singh Marg, which has religious structures representing the four major religions of India, the same stretch offers some eclectic experiences for a foodie too, from a hot kachori breakfast appetizer to the bottomless langar at Bangla Sahib preceded… Continue reading Eclectic offshoot of Connaught Place: Baba Kharag Singh Marg