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Vladimir to Véra: Nabokov love

On the book: Letters to Véra by Vladimir Nabokov My sun, my soul, my song, my bird, my sweetheart, my pink sky, my sunny rainbow, my little music, my inexpressible delight, my softness, my tenderness, my lightness, my dear life, my dear eyes. . . .These endearments (backed up by a crowded menagerie of surrogates: Goosikins, Poochums,… Continue reading Vladimir to Véra: Nabokov love

Love in the time of letters

Love in the time of letters

  There once was a time when a pause was not a question mark. A pause was not a full stop either (not just yet) but at least a comma. And there were many such comma(s), when we would pause and reflect and ponder and share our ponderings, our feelings too – some, rather intense.… Continue reading Love in the time of letters