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In Conversation With Srividya Gargeshwari Sreenivasa

This time we decided to get to know more about our artist of the month and her work more closely. She is extremely talented and identifies with watercolours the most these days, though she has experimented with other mediums too. We will be getting to know her better and will also be looking at her… Continue reading In Conversation With Srividya Gargeshwari Sreenivasa

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Spaces that inspire creativity

  It is said that creativity is something that lies within, it is the inspiration that is elsewhere, outside of you. An artist is essentially a seeker of this inspiration, that could be anywhere and can present itself in any form. However there are these spaces in Delhi, that are so steeped in art that… Continue reading Spaces that inspire creativity

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artySORTS- Artist Of The Month (June) Koushal; a Mumbai-based Jaipurean visual artist, architect, interior, graphic designer, art Director & Cine Production designer. Koushal Choudharuy, aka Koushal, Born in Jaipur, has been living in Mumbai since 2008. He draws upon rich impressionistic, romantic, and baroque influences to create a unique representation of pop culture iconography. His vision… Continue reading KOUSHAL CHOUDHARY

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Artistically Aligned Alternative Alcove

  We closed the last season with HKV and now we will open this season with HKV walk – it was wonderful; and we have been missing these walks a little too much since. There is a lot which is different this time – Delhi is dynamic; so is HKV and so are we. We… Continue reading Artistically Aligned Alternative Alcove