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In Conversation With Srividya Gargeshwari Sreenivasa

This time we decided to get to know more about our artist of the month and her work more closely. She is extremely talented and identifies with watercolours the most these days, though she has experimented with other mediums too. We will be getting to know her better and will also be looking at her… Continue reading In Conversation With Srividya Gargeshwari Sreenivasa

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Trippy Sama

Artist Of The Month – September Few musicians came together in New Delhi (IND), on the basis of sharing classical music knowledge, from different countries and musical backgrounds.They started with a fundamental idea of merging NAD (vibrations). They believe in the cosmic connection amongst themselves and every ear in the world, aiming at natural healing… Continue reading Trippy Sama

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Nirvair Singh Rai

Artist Of The Month – August Nirvair Singh Rai hails from Bathinda, Punjab, India and is currently studying photography in the South Asian Media Academy – Pathshala, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He grew up watching his father pursue making pictures with a film camera. And gradually, photography became his partner in moments of solitude. He went on… Continue reading Nirvair Singh Rai

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Vladimir to Véra: Nabokov love

On the book: Letters to Véra by Vladimir Nabokov My sun, my soul, my song, my bird, my sweetheart, my pink sky, my sunny rainbow, my little music, my inexpressible delight, my softness, my tenderness, my lightness, my dear life, my dear eyes. . . .These endearments (backed up by a crowded menagerie of surrogates: Goosikins, Poochums,… Continue reading Vladimir to Véra: Nabokov love


BookBond: Read Label

Chai, we were having chai then, looking at that bookstore around the corner, he said: “ I would like to walk with you to the bookstore and then a mile within the bookstore, with a whole lot of gracious pauses, of course. I will allow you to look at the books, but you have to… Continue reading BookBond: Read Label

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Spaces that inspire creativity

  It is said that creativity is something that lies within, it is the inspiration that is elsewhere, outside of you. An artist is essentially a seeker of this inspiration, that could be anywhere and can present itself in any form. However there are these spaces in Delhi, that are so steeped in art that… Continue reading Spaces that inspire creativity


Arty cafe spaces in Delhi

  These are spaces where you should be if you want to sip in a bit of art along with your coffee. Ivy and Bean, Shahpur jat The cafe derives its name from an australian series of children’s book about two dramatically different friends. The food over here is different and is influenced by European,… Continue reading Arty cafe spaces in Delhi