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In Conversation With Srividya Gargeshwari Sreenivasa

This time we decided to get to know more about our artist of the month and her work more closely. She is extremely talented and identifies with watercolours the most these days, though she has experimented with other mediums too. We will be getting to know her better and will also be looking at her… Continue reading In Conversation With Srividya Gargeshwari Sreenivasa


‘Make the Colors Tell-a-Tale’

  artySORTS & Asian Paints COLOROTHON Photography Competition artySORTS believes in the vividness of photography to inspire hope and possibilities of celebrating life. This competition is being introduced to emphasize the pertinent role of visual storytelling as a vehicle capture what is and thereby impact what needs to be. Our Event COLOROTHON ‘Draw Your Imagination’… Continue reading ‘Make the Colors Tell-a-Tale’